The best green energy suppliers in 2021

How to switch to renewable energy

Many people still don’t dare to cancel their old electricity provider at the turn of the year and finally switch to green electricity. But switching to a better provider makes sense and is so easy that it can be done in just a few minutes. We’ll show you how to switch in five easy steps.

Green electricity refers to electricity generated from environmentally friendly renewable energies. Every electricity customer who switches to a green electricity provider increases the share of renewable energies in the electricity mix and actively acts for climate protection, because switching to green electricity accelerates the phase-out of highly subsidized coal-fired electricity with its climate-damaging CO2 emissions.

Change electricity provider is easy

  • Switching to green power today is easier and cheaper than ever.
  • It only takes a few minutes to switch to a green power provider.
  • Prices are falling because many reliable providers are now competing for customers.
  • Don’t worry about losing electricity: switching to green power is initially a purely mathematical change. That’s why your electricity can’t go out when you switch.

Switch to green electricity

Choose a green electricity tariff: Take one of the above, you won’t go wrong. On the other hand, we advise caution when using typical price comparison systems on the web: Price plays a big role there, and most of them also list less green but cheap “green power” producers indiscriminately.

Check green electricity terms and conditions: There are, of course, also with green electricity tariffs cancellation periods, payment terms, price guarantees and so on, which have an impact on the price. Pay attention to this when signing up. Typical unfair conditions from a consumer protection point of view are already excluded in the case of the green electricity mentioned above by the fact that all providers must also be listed by EcoTopTen.

Green electricity application: On the website of the selected green power seller, transfer your data (electricity consumption, address and account information) into the online form (“Application for electricity supply”). After careful review, send it to your new provider along with a copy of your last electricity bill (especially your electricity meter number). They will do the rest for you.

Here’s how to switch to green electricity in five easy steps:

Step 1: Find your electricity bill

Find out your last electricity bill: You need, among other things, the information about your previous annual consumption in kilowatt hours. With this annual consumption you can later use a tariff calculator to find the right green electricity provider for you. Typical values are between 1500 (single) and 4000 kWh (family) per year. Your electricity bill should also show your customer data with your current electricity supplier, which you may have to provide when switching (for example, your previous customer number). Also write down the number of your electricity meter on your last electricity bill, because all electricity suppliers need this number at the latest when you switch.

Step 2: Choose a better green electricity provider

What is the best green electricity provider for you depends on what goals you are pursuing with your switch – each provider has slightly different priorities. Switch to green electricity at the municipal utility. That’s nice and easy and better than nothing, and more and more municipal utilities are making offers here, too. But it’s often not the cheapest way to go. The so-called basic suppliers are usually always more expensive than alternative providers. And although many municipal utilities are working on switching to green electricity, this is not always the greenest option at present. Use a green electricity price comparison on the Internet. Sounds good, but unfortunately the criteria there are often rather lenient: You will therefore also find nuclear power and coal-fired power companies, sometimes disguised by well-sounding subsidiary names. If you switch there, your money continues to flow to nuclear and coal companies.

Step 3: Check general conditions

Once you have found a provider that meets your expectations, check the cancellation periods (monthly, annually, biennially), payment terms, price guarantees (they should apply for the length of the contract term or at least twelve months or until the end of the year) and possible savings through prepayment, online billing and the like. Caution: Don’t be tempted to switch to a questionable supplier or tariff that doesn’t explicitly promote the development of renewable energy sources just because of a one-time bonus payment.

Step 4: Apply for electricity supply

On the website of your chosen green electricity provider, you can enter your data (electricity consumption, meter number, customer data) in the online form, usually called “Application for Electricity Supply”. After carefully checking the form, send it to the operator together with a copy of your last electricity bill and your electricity meter number. Your new electricity provider will take care of the rest for you, including terminating the contract with your previous supplier. Of course, you must adhere to the contract terms with your old provider.

Step 5: Changeover

It can take between two weeks and two months before the actual switchover takes place (longer if you have to give notice to your old provider). Don’t worry: During this time, your lights will never go out, because unlike with Internet or telephone, laws ensure a permanent power supply. Your current provider will ask you for your meter reading shortly before the switchover. You will then receive a final bill from your old provider, which you should check again to be on the safe side. That’s it. Congratulations: You now have green electricity! Your contribution now flows into clean energy production and – if you have chosen the right tariff – also actively promotes the expansion of renewable energies. You have not only decided against coal and nuclear power, but also for a climate-friendly future for everyone!

Why switch to green power at all?

Switching to green electricity is an example of how conscious consumption can change the world. Those who switch to genuine green electricity firstly reduce their personal CO2 emissions from electricity consumption to almost zero. Secondly, they ensure that more and more electricity is generated from renewable energies and fed into the grid. In this way, the electricity for all households connected to this grid becomes ever greener in the long term.