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The best green energy suppliers in 2021

How to switch to renewable energy Many people still don’t dare to cancel their old electricity provider at the turn of the year and finally switch to green electricity. But switching to a better provider makes sense and is so easy that it can be done in just a few minutes. We’ll show you how […]

Switzerland: Renewable energies for greenhouse heating

In order to use the energy used for heating as sustainably as possible, regulations regarding the insulation of the building envelope as well as the maximum heating temperatures have been in place for greenhouses for some time. The goal is to phase out fossil fuels. From 2040, all greenhouses are to be heated 100 percent […]

Study shows: Citizens are main part of energy transition

Citizens play a key role in a successful energy transition in first world countries. Renewable energies are still largely in the hands of private individuals, according to a new study by the trend:research institute. Almost one-third of the installed capacity of wind, solar, bioenergy, hydropower and geothermal power generation plants is owned by them. If […]